Marwari - English

n sound used when unsure or hesitating in speech. (sem. domains: - Hesitation fillers.)
अइयौ n 1an exclamation word 2a voice (sem. domains: - Voice.) 3A word used to address 4Meaning of amazement Hey, Are 5nausea of a pregnant woman
अईं adv without any aim
अउक n 1nausea (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.) 2nausea of pregnant lady (sem. domains: - Stomach illness, - Pregnancy.)
अउकौ n 1off season 2expiry
अउब adj wonderful
अउबगत n wonderful speed
अउबगती adv wonderful manner
अउलग n 1service 2remember 3violation
अउळगण n 1residence 2a woman live during stay
अऊत 1n incapable 2n vagabond 3adj childless 4adj bad son 5adj foolish 6n a unmarried man who died in youth age
अक n 1Sorrow 2Sin
अकठ n female animal whose milking is very difficult
अकड़ n 1convulsion (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.) 2proud 3obstinacy 4stiffness 5price
अकड़णौ v 1to behave defiantly 2to shiver 3to insist 4to be arrogant 5to be obstinate 6Proudly 7Extort 8Persist
अकड़न adj tightness (sem. domains: - Pain.)
अकड़बकड़ n a local game
अकड़बाई n A kind of gastric disease
अकड़ाई n 1roughness 2pride
अकड़ाट n dis humility
अकड़ाळ adj 1tremendous 2the gall 3obstinate 4proud 5the extract
अकड़ावणौ VT to proud (sem. domains: - Proud.)
अकड़ीजणौ v squirm (sem. domains: - Move back and forth.)
अकडू n big headed (sem. domains: - Boast.)
अकड़ू n numbness (sem. domains: - Stubborn.)